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About the Hypnotist

Give Yourself the Gift of Less Stress
This Holiday Season

"I feel like I am handling life, instead of life handling me."

What does Holiday Stress Cost You?

(special offer below)

(details of plan)

Stress. At what cost?
Cost $$$
less able to handle the curves that come at you $
shorter fuse $
less focused/more distracted $
forgetful/lose track of things $
possible immune system effect $
additional weight $
smoking $
affected (and too little) sleep $
mental well being $
ability to work/work effectively $
Other $

Often the effects of stress are underestimated as people go
about their lives ignoring the signs of the toll stress is taking.

Stress. At what cost?
Cost $$$
Above Total $
The longer you are stressed ->
the more likely you are to put up with it ->
the more familiar it is ->
the more you feed off of it ->
and something that is unhealthy for you becomes
something you feel compelled to keep around.
Total price you're paying to keep something around that costs you mentally, physically, emotionally $

We are unconsciously driven -
approximately 88% of the time.

People complain about stress all of the time, but in my
experience it they don't often do anything about it.
Did you know that because you are unconsciously
driven most of the time, that is why
it takes a special effort to make changes?

We are programmed to go for the comfortable, the familiar.

If you like your stress, you can certainly keep it. However,
I want to offer you another option. I want to give you an
opportunity to change your relationship to the stress in
your life.

An opportunity to save money - money, perhaps you didn't know you were losing - til now.

Change Your
Relationship to Stress.

If you'd like to change your relationship to stress, I'd
like to offer myself as your StressBusterBuddy for the
holiday season. The great thing about what I am about to
offer is that it is something that could be even better
than you imagined, and a great holiday gift to yourself -
one that will keep on giving.

What I am offering is this:

1 30-minute Hypnosis Session (On the Phone)

During this session we will lay the groundwork for you
to alter your relationship to stress in your life. After
the session, you will be better able to interact with the
stress in your life and, better yet, with the rest of your
life. Free yourself from the constraints of stress, and
you might find yourself having more fun, and maybe even
eating less than you normally might (I can certainly add
something about those holiday nibbles, if you'd like).

2. Unlimited "Boosters"
From the time of our first session, until 01/01/10
you will be able to call me for as many boosters as you
feel you need. A booster would be a call approximately
10 minutes in length.

Odds are you'll only need a few,
as the idea will be to get
you feeling so good you may
want to call me, but you won't need to.

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What would something like this
be worth to you?

What if I told you it is about $1 a day if you sign up
before the end of November. What do you get for a $1 a
day any more? I can't think of too many healthy things
that you could get or do for $1 a day.

My guess is you you wouldn't even miss it - or the stress that
you will be releasing - if you were to work with me. But, I
have no way of knowing for sure. And I am sure you are
wondering if it would be worth it.

If it COULD work, if you were assured of its success,
would you want to do it?

If the answer is YES, then I would like to propose that you
take me up on my offer. If, after the 30 minute session you
don't feel like it is for you, or that it wasn't of any help,
I will refund all but a $5 appointment fee.

If I could do this work for free, I would. I have seen some
very powerful results from this work, and believe that you
will most likely be surprised, and better yet feeling better
than you thought you could through the holidays.

This is a plan for YOU if...

you have ever wished that there was someone you could turn
to in those most stressful times. Or if you have wished that there was an "off button" that you could just switch when you're feeling your most stressed.

If these things fit you, we should talk.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and you are welcome to visit
for more information on Hypnosis. You can find out more
about me on Twitter @JoLoPe or on my website

I am only a phone call away.

If you are considering this for even a moment, I'd like to suggest that you act on it.

This is where most people say "ACT NOW" and give you a reason to act NOW, because they know if you leave and don't act, odds are you never will. However, I want you to want this because you see the urgency for yourself, and not because I artificially stimulated it.

If you don't feel the urgency, then it might be because your subconscious is already doing its best to tell you you don't need this, and telling you you are at the risk of upsetting the comfortable and familiar.

Odds are, if you don't act now, you won't, and you will find yourself in your safe, comfortable place of that feeling of stress.

If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, do yourself a favor, and act now before another moment passes by.

What do you have to lose,
except some
detrimental stress?

If interested a good time to act is NOW.

While Paypal is used for payment, a Paypal account is not required to order.

Do this program with your friends, and save.
In addition, there are ways that their support can be incorporated into your
experience with Hypnosis and this program.

Curious? Ask me about it.

After you order, contact me to arrange our first call.

1 Person $35
($75+ Value)

2 People $60 ($30/ea)
($150+ Value)

3 People $75 ($25/ea)
($225+ Value)

Wondering why the great discount?

I know that people are stressed in
more ways than one.
In this case, should you choose to do anything
but take me up on my offer,
I would never want cost to be the reason.

Still thinking?

Consider weighing the cost at
the top of the page to this cost, and
you'll likely find GREAT SAVINGS, AND
benefit to your mental, physical, and
emotional well-being.

Remember to ACT NOW if interested,
your unconscious isn't your friend in this regard.

About Elizabeth Alraune
@Jolope on Twitter

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For several years, I worked in corporate America. Long before numerous job changes were as common as they are now, I figured out at one point that I had had an average of 10 jobs in 10 years. Two of the jobs were because I had moved to a different state, and 3 of them were layoffs, 2 in one year. When I got laid off from the last of my corporate jobs, I was determined to make a change. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to work with people. My journey has taken several twists and turns, and today I find myself helping people be true to themself by finding peace and direction within. I have a unique, fun and offbeat style that is all her own, and a soothing voice which make people feel instantly "at home," and at ease when speaking with me (or so I have been told!). In the last 8 years, I has worked with clients primarily over the phone and have had over 10,000 conversations with clients working in the roles of Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Intuitive, and Healer.

Find out more about me at the following page
(blogs, recordings, videos, and other interesting things):

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